For Young Children


Assalamu'alaikum all and how are you?

I hope you all good health and in the hands of Allah. It was a long time I did not update properly on this blog. Neither is the idea was just that the situation does not permit.
This time I wanted to touch the hearts of young children now, especially my own children who are in life. Three sons who were to enjoy the youth. Sometimes the action is unpleasant and disturbing me. I'm too afraid they influenced by the current social problems. I really want them to be good children. Good guided by Islam, not just a good character, education and morality in the eyes of men, but more than that which is "good in the sight of Islam and Allah."
Things like this is worrying me. So far they are doing a lot of things that make me constantly in fear and distrust of his own children.
But the feeling that all is not an offense for a mother. As a mother, certainly feel like it should have, said Priyatna Zuraini. Make us remain vigilant, always watching and always examine. Prayer and education always climb the days that pass, let alone efforts endless. Hopefully at the end of the effort will have the success that awaits.
That is my hope that mothers, even though the work we do not get too expect success in this world. That effort still was rewarded with Allah, if not the world, can, will result / reward Posted received in the afterlife. Ameen ...
Efforts must, need success in the future, Entrust to God.
... ... ... ... ... And ... ... ... ... ....
That is the "motto" and the peganggan my life. Hopefully I continue to persevere to continue this journey of life. I pray thee visitors of this blog. Ameen ...
YOUNG called you. Look at the dedication of scholars / intellectuals, Ancient. Amazingly they pursue and acquire knowledge without considering the obstacles that will come. Because they believe that every hardship they experience will be rewarded by Allah-fold fold fold from difficulties they face.
But young people now prefer to find things that easy. Do not want to challenge yourself to find the goodness in the world let alone to the next. Too afraid of the trouble / the things that have not been identified. But very easy to feel challenged to things that are not desirable, as will be challenged when said to be conservative, not macho, and blah, blah ..., said they were not born when the non-smoking male, when not able to show strength when fighting with friends and more again at the time of this well-served by trained staff.
O Allah, keep the things and feelings happen like that of my children. Ameen ...
I longed to share what is written in the book by Dr. MIND KEY SUCCESS. 'Aidh Abdullah Al-Qarni, from Wells Blue.
Take it as your motivation, O young man. Under it was one that is in the book,
AHMAD BIN 30 000 rugs walk for miles to find and memorize a million Atsar traditions and left 40 000 hadith in his Musnad.
Jabir bin 'Abdullah is willing to travel to Egypt for a month just to find a hadith.
IBN MUSAYYIB go somewhere for three days to find the answer to a problem.
Imam al-Ghazali has memorized the Quran at the age of 6 years and become great scholars who teach the scholars all over the country at the age of 9 years.
IBN SINA in one day to write his book 25 pages.
Ibn Taymiyya can write volume of 30 Majmoo 'Fataawa in prison.
Their knowledge should be studied, used and read to this day. Look! they continue to reward, to this day even though they are long gone from this world. There are other stories of hardship that brings the success of earlier scholars, Islamic scholars. Look for and read to motivate yourself ...
The author (Dr. 'Abdullah al-Qarni Aid) this book even though I am not mistaken, had written books Tahzan LA (Do not be sad) while in jail. Books / his book to read and review by millions of people in this world now. Look! rewards continue to flow to him while he was still alive and is certainly a book / books will continue to read after he left.


May God always grant Taufiq and guidance to the children Abdul Shofi, Abdul Muiz, Abdul Haziq, and Siti Aishah Abdul Sadiq. Ameen, Ameen ya Rabbal alamin.
All good is from Allah, while the evil is the weakness of my own.

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